After Remark On Privacy, UP Top Court Order On "Shame"

I understand that you are aware about what happened in Lucknow where people who damage the public property why riots were undergoing in city. 

The state government mention the names of the people who were responsible for the riots and charge them with the hefty amount of fine.

This was criticized by a lot of intellectual people all across the country and maybe sometimes across the world. However the state government has tried to maintain the law and order of the strictest and state of possibilities within the rules of Land of law .

Keeping all these things in view the High Court of Uttar Pradesh has reserved its order in this name and shame case and the word it will be declared by tomorrow.

My opinion about this issue is that High Court doesn’t pay any attention to anything that is going on in this country where people are killed , properties are destroyed, humanity e is ashamed. 

But Court comes to the rescue of the people who are actually doing something wrong.. If you are aware something like this same happened in the case of Delhi gangrape case. The girl with Om the brutality was done, died in 20 days of the incident with the people who actually committed that brutality with that are still trying to get repeated from the death sentence they have been awarded for last 7 years.

The law and order situation in this country should definitely be e appreciated for or the things they are doing to make the mockery of the system of this country. 

What do you think?


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