Over 100 retired bureaucrats write open letter to Indians, say c

The retired bureaucrats said that though the government has tried to separate the the three programmes, they are linked and need to be resolutely opposed.

The Civil servants of India who retired now have written a letter to the Indians. The letter says that any doesn’t need any nrc or CAA as of now.

The people who have written this letter or not just normal humans and citizens of this country but our Elite class for that who are now retired from the government and post. The people who have written this letter includes Najeeb Jung, the former Lieutenant Governor of New Delhi. 

The bureaucrats official is that that the government is trying to de link that CAA, nrc, and nPR are not linked but they however are linked in a complicated manner and we should be opposed with wholeheartedness. 

Is to be mentioned here that about 26 people have died so far in the protests going on against implementation of citizenship Amendment Act. Citizenship amendment act provides Indian citizenship to the 6 persecuted minorities of Asian countries like Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Problem arise when only one cast that is the Muslim religion was excluded from the list of people who are eligible to get Indian citizenship..

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