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  2. So the cat is out of the box and everybody and I am in everybody is taking sides in this Israel Palestine conflict. Recently the Bollywood star Nora fatehi has supported Palestinian cause against Israel. I have personally observed in the past that celebrities who are Muslim cancer support Palestine and those who are non Muslims are supporting the other party. Why do you think Indian celebrities are supporting Palestine in a conflict that has nothing to do with India. Why they do not raise their voice against people being killed in Kerala for Bengal coronavirus as in the country but w
  3. https://www.india.com/education/cbse-class-12-board-exam-2021-latest-news-updates-education-minister-nishank-big-announcement-on-may-17-cancel-class-12-board-exams-save-board-students-read-details-4665538/ Mera media reports that suggests that the education minister will announce something big for the 12th class board exams of CBSE. Some people are saying that these exam should be postponed while others are saying that the exams should be conducted because it is about students future. So let us wait while the education minister makes an announcement for the 12th class board ex
  4. Hundreds of people will tell you random stuff like they understand what Bitcoin is but I frankly tell you that majority of the people have no idea that how Bitcoin works and what will be the future of Bitcoins. From my point of new Bitcoins are nothing but just propaganda that could be vanished anytime. If you are dealing with Bitcoin I request you to be careful and not to invest all your eggs in a single basket.
  5. Every single person just trying to prove that the government of India is Narendra Modi. On texspares hard earned money this is being imposed that Narendra Modi is the only one taking decisions and giving the money out of his own pocket.
  6. Nothing really helps in this pandemic. How do you think it would help to give 2000 rupees to a farmer? The country needs more than what is being done.
  7. Why wont this be a PR attempt? The govt is under extreme pressure to do something for the covid-19 situations. The only thing they want is to make an image of the Prime Minsiter Modi. the world is upside down and the country we live in is not really doing well. Good luck India.
  8. Whole of the cabinet and ministers and all are just tweeting supporting the step by the Modi ji. Is their anything wrong in this? Yes, there is everything wrong in this. It sucks that we cant do anything about this bad affair of India.
  9. This is a good step that the government of India has signed to financially help our former but I have serious concern. . The PM Kisan money is taken out from taxpayers money why Narendra Modi is coming live and making it appear that the money is taken from the persons points of prime minister of India. But the fund are taken out out of public money why this shameless show of PR going on here ?
  10. Everybody is aware that India is suffering School hard time because of coronavirus issue and the Government of India is expected to come out and solve the crisis being faced by common man but I am give an understanding that there Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has released another installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. The amount would be 2000 rupees and the Government of India has officially released this installment that will be directly credited to the accounts of farmers across the country. I appreciate this step by the government but I have serious concerns about the role
  11. India maintains full diplomatic relations with the Palestine as well as Israel so this is not in any favour if we consider that India Tel Stuart Palestine or India tilted towards Palestine just for the sake of supporting one ideology. As far as India is concerned as a country India should continue doing what it has been doing since long. Maintain both relations with Israel as well as Palestine.
  12. So the people are going gaga over the fluctuations in the Bitcoins prices. I have seen people losing their hard earned money following an advice by our genius Elon Musk. Do you plan to invest in Bitcoins? What are your views about Bitcoins?
  13. I too have had the same regarding the morphed photos and a inciting violence within the inner circles of Palestine and young Muslim youth. I do not agree with what is going on around the Muslim communities but I think that Muslim youth should study and come back with something better so that this problem could be resolved once and for all
  14. I have heard that morphed photos are shared in the messaging groups of Muslims youth. Nothing is gonna change in their own ghettos, but I believe India should be neutral with both the nations. If you want, India should be with Israel and not Palestine.
  15. I feel very bad for people like him and their whole agenda is to spread negativity and negative image building. When Palestine was attacking Israel nobody shared any photo or any video but when Israel retaliates they are there with their photo operation agenda
  16. Complete and utter nonsense. When Hamas was firing Rockets towards Israel nobody has any question but when Israel defend its soil and citizens everybody is claiming to be humans. There are 56 Islamic countries All Around The World and this is not a news that Muslims have the most problem with most civilized society is all around the world. Do you think Muslims are capable of living peacefully with other community what is happening in Syria and whole of Middle East? Why there is a Muslim whenever there is a fight about religion? Why Charlie hebdo has happened? Do you have any answer
  17. I am not discussing about what is right and what is wrong in Israel and Palestine conflict I am just trying to understand an idea about how India should frame its policy regarding both the countries are fighting right now. It is alright if Israel and Palestine are fighting but I am more concerned about how India should react to both these situations and conflicting Nations.
  18. I don't have anything much to say but I will just say one thing that how do you feel if your country is being eaten up buy termites called Israel. For the reference of understanding this situation I will post to one picture please tell me how do you feel about this happening to Your Nation. Would you feel any different if this happens to you? How Ok are you with giving out your country to Israel? You might be I am not!
  19. While going to the internet I am giving an understanding that there are some protests all around the world are started which are asking for a free Palestine. If you ask me about my personal opinion regarding this Palestine and Israel attack I would simply say that I do not consider this to be something of a really important issue because may be Israel is wrong on some fronts but to say that Palestine is a 100% right is definitely an extreme decision. Not only but I have an understanding that is rain in only state that is for the jews. Where as we have more than 56 states that call t
  20. So everybody knows that India is a home to 1.5 billion people and there is a decision fight going on in between Palestine and Israel. As an Indian what should be the stand India should take regarding the things going on in Palestine and Israel. Indian Sofa had a very clear strategy that India will not be taking one side by knowing another side but now I think the time has come then it has to take a decision and towards which situation the India would shift its paradigm in the future. What do you think that you should be supported by India in fight as biggest Palestine and Israel.
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