You need money! (3/5)

I think this is really hard to hear, but its a fact. You need money to get a Startup. Possibly, you don’t really need a million dollars but you need some money to start. If you think , your startup has what it needs to become a billion dollar company, you can ask more money after registering some profit or showing some spark, but in the start you have to start with some money.

Don’t listen to the people who says that you don’t need money to start up. Turns out, you need to have some money some real hard cash to start with your startup.

On my website, I don’t sell ideas that doesn’t have any physical possibility. I want to tell you first hand if you need something, and I am telling you that you need some money to start.

At the same time I’m telling you that it is not really very hard to get money to start. I will talk about it in some other post but for now just understand that we need at least some money to start.

What do you think?

Written by Sushant Sharma

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