People are not as they appear! (4/5)

This is one another very hard thing to understand and swallow. People are not always as the appear. 

Startup is all about money and money corrupt souls. People will try to take advantage if you are not careful. People will show their true colours when you need them. 

When you decide to start something, please know that not everyone is your friend. Not everyone is ready to invest their hard work in your dream. People want their profit and this is a real thing. People are not afraid to cheat each other in order to get some real hard quick cash. 

I don’t know much about his stories and rumours that run around the starting of Facebook, but people say that Facebook was not actually started by the person we know today. And I am not gonna explain you in deep but I want you to understand what I really want to say.

Be careful, who do you call a friend in the startup ecosystem.

What do you think?

Written by Sushant Sharma

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