No, IPOs wont make you rich!

Indian subcontinent has a different set of population trying to become rich overnight and there is nothing wrong about that. Ambitions are nothing to feel ashamed about. Why wont anyone want to have money?

The new hot thing in India is the IPOs. All of us wants IPO and why do we want them? We want that because we were offered GMP. GMP Means Grey Market Price. That means when you are allotted shares through IPO, and if the GMP is Rs. 500/- for a share, you earn almost 500/- per share on the day of listing of the share.

I too was very excited by the idea of getting money without doing anything and applied for many IPOs recently. But hey, there are almost a billion people like me who wants the exact same thing as me. All of us want money, but money is a scarce resource. It actually has a very limited availability.

I have recently seen that whole of India applied for TATA TECHNOLOGY IPO and this sucks. The world is running behind money like anything and little do they understand that its almost impossible to earn money on a real basis when everyone applies for the IPO like the recent happening.

Sure, some of us might make a buck out of it, but thats not the way forward. You cant rely on IPO allotment to get rich or earn money! How can you adjust your money cycle with something really unpredictable.

I fail to understand how new money can be generated in the stock market unless money comes from outside. In our case, the money has to come from foreign investors and when you are blatantly applying for an IPO, you are not generating money,you are getting money that someone else has just lost.

Earning on a regular basis from the stock market wont be done with trading. It has to be done through regular investment and this can be done easily. Just be patient and take the path less travelled. Just do what you love and you will have a lot to cherish.


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Written by Sushant Sharma

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