“It is a crime to dream small “- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam quote on dream
Former President of India quotes about Dreams

The year was 2011, and the great President of India, Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, the scientist turned Politician spoke to students in Pune, India and I quote :


“It is a crime to dream small. The world out there wants you to be like everyone else, but I want you to strive hard to be unique. Continuously strive to acquire knowledge about the world around you as it will give you power”
Indeed , Shri Kalam was right. If I give you an insight about Shri Kalam, you will be amazed to know how many skills he possessed. What was his stature in the world scientific community and what a man he was , you will be amazed to know what he was. If something comes from someone of the stature of Shri Kalam, you take that to the bank.
The world has seen the best scientific work in the past century , and the thirst for making or discovering something new is ever lasting. There is no reason the world will stop making new things, and to make something new, you have to have the courage of something bigger than you.
When Thomas Alva Edison failed , he said, ” I havent failed , I just discovered 10,000 ways that didnt work”! Can you imagine How solid this statement is?
Stay hungry stay foolish
If you are driven by hunger for success, there is no way you are going back before you achieve your goal. But how do you get this hunger? You get this hunger when you dare to dream big. Dream to the level where no one even tried to reach. You can not dream small, you dont become a success, if you are doing the mediocre stuff.
Dreaming small means, you just want to do something that hundreds of other people have already done. You dont reach the pinnacle if your goal is only upto the foothills. You reach the Pinnacle when you dream to be at the pinnacle.
Dreaming is by default the first step towards realization of your goals. If you dont have a dream, you are not going to make it to the top. The most successful people around you have seen a dream. A dream that started just with a thought. The dream that cultivated itself for many many years and when it became a reality, the world has seen a success!
Bigger dreams often leads to failures and continuous failures. This is the main reason, many people tend to shrink their dreams to fit their own definition of success. The success comes at a cost, and if the dreams are big, the cost is often continue failures. This exactly is the time when you have to be strong and keep going. Dont listen to others, as they dont have to fight your battles. Your battles are your own battles and only you can fight them. You dont fight your battles better than others, you fight your battles in the best possible way and I trust you for that.
Dreaming is the basic element that change the world. It has always been like that. It all starts with a dream. If the dream is the basic element for everything that happens in this life, why not make it bigger? Why to settle for something lesser than you are capable of? The Rome was not built in a day. But when it was built, It was the greatest of all time. Your dream defines you. Your dreams are the ones that makes it all possible.
Remember, if it was not for a dream, the world would not have seen all the technology we talk about. The Tesla cars were a dream. The moon mission was a dream, the wireless technology was a dream and this has done wonders for all of us. We are thrilled to see what our ancestors have seen as a dream, how much they have achieved and what remains to be discovered.
Can we live forever?
Can you imagine a human life where people dont die of heart attacks or cancer? People dont have to cry for their loved ones. I am not sure whether its possible or not, but I am sure that when the time comes and someone asks the human society about what they have done to make their miseries go away , I would be standing with the people who dared to dream the solutions!
Dream, dream big! For all I know is ” Small dreams are a crime” !
Happy Dreaming! :D

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