Learn a skill, thank me later!

Half of the world is making money by working for some big giants in one or the other way. Companies are hiring people and making them work on the same boring thing for like decades. People are demotivated and hence get stuck in a job for like thousands of years. Not literally, but mentally. If you learn a skill at some point of time in your life, you use it in your daily job. To keep yourself at par with the world, keep upgrading.

Now, here is the catch. Most people are not moving ahead with time. Moving ahead with time means, you are updating yourself , practically all the time. Unfortunately, most people are not doing this.

This post is exclusively for the people who are stuck in a dead end job, or a routine. Where does this end? How do you make something big in your life? How do you give something back to the world? The answer is Learn A Skill!

Learning a skill is almost always a thing that lets you make something big. I have always given an example of how Instagram was made. It was just a skill that made the founder Billionaire. How Kevin Systrom learnt coding with his regular job and started programming with a prototype in mind and one thing led to another and bam , Billionaire!

How Kevin Systron made instagram
How Kevin Systron who made instagram inspires us to learn a skill in addition to your regular job

As I said that this post is for the people who are stuck in a job and still wants to make something big, whats stopping you? I understand that its not easy to leave a job just because you want to make something big? Chances of failures are always high, but whats stopping you mostly is your inability to trust yourself. The truth is, you dont trust yourself.

You want to leave the job to do something big, but you are not in a condition to trust yourself that you can get another job like this. The reason is, you dont have the skills present market needs.

Ask anyone, what they think about changing jobs after a comfortable 4 to 5 years in one company or corporation. The answer will always be like,

  • I want to change it but I have too much work pending on my table.
  • I cant do it now
  • I will do it some other time.
  • I dont want to start it all over again.
  • The new company will not pay me this much.

Why do you think people make these excuses? Its all because, there is a gap in what they are doing at the present company and what the market needs now.

Learning a skill will always make you more confident. Learning a new skill can do wonders for you. Doing what company asks you to do is a wonderful thing to do, and I always suggest my readers to do whatever they are doing with 100% passion. If you are sweeping a street as a cleaner, do it as your life depends on it. Sweep the street with the passion that no one else can match.  But at the same time, learn a skill. Learn something that market needs. Learn it as a hobby, learn it to keep yourself young . Learn a skill so that if you have a spat with your boss someday and he hands you over a pink slip, you dont have to beg for it. Keep yourself uptight and learn something new!

Do it, start is now! With lots of love :D

What do you think?

Written by Sushant

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