That’s what Steve Jobs meant by “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

I bet you have  pretty good idea about how Steve Jobs gave this world its most famous success Mantra ,

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish ”  Steve Jobs, Stanford University, 2005

Full text of the Stanford University 2005 address by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a genius, a true diamond as far as the world of technology is concerned. The guy literally made the worlds highest valued company, the Apple .

If we go by the address delivered by our very own Steve, it says, you have to stay hungry. Well, not literally. You can eat if you want, but what exactly he meant was way too different than it was explained in the media.

A giant like Apple is not built overnight. It takes blood and sweat to make something as great as Apple Inc. Was Steve made this company the biggest of all times? Was he the single person who saw this dream to make something great? Well, clearly the answer is No! Apple was not actually built by Steve Jobs alone, but if it was not for Steve, there would be no Apple.

Steve Jobs was a complicated personality. People say that when he was sick with his cancer disease, and was suggested by doctors for an immediate surgery, he skipped it because he believed that alternate medicines will just do the trick. Of course he was wrong and after a while he even regretted the decision to delay his cancer surgery to his Biographer, but this thing tells us a lot about Steve Jobs as a dedicated person.  He took the risk on the behalf of what he believed. He failed and the cost was his life, but as a person who believed in his dreams and understanding, Jobs still won!

Steve Jobs was a kind of person who believed in things and made them happen. I am sure that the last risk and trust he put on his life by delaying the cancer surgery was sure a failure, but how many success stories he wrote with his ” Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Attitude? Do we know about them? Of course not! We just see Apple as the worlds biggest company, but we dont see the craziness that goes behind making it what it is today.

Steve Jobs stayed hungry, like literally!

A famous story about Steve is how he changed his diet and eating habits for his own beliefs. Once he shifted to fruits only diet, then one time it was all carrot diet, he drank a lot of carrot juices and what not. This is not because he was doing some experiment on his body, but because he believed on his idea of understanding.  He was so sure about his understanding of human body , that he tried to make it work on his own body for his own betterment . Like seriously, he did choose his diet according to his own understanding of the topic and he stood by it. He didnt trust the medical journals or other things, he just trusted his own understanding.

This exactly is what Steve Jobs meant when he said ” Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish” . People say that when he delivered this speech, he was intentionally keeping himself hungry for some sort of diet beliefs. Thats another thing, but what we get from his address was, he taught the kids to fully dedicate themselves for what they believe.

If you trust yourself way too much, you may end up failing. But what if you are so dedicated that you dont fail, but fly? Thats how Steve made the Apple. Steve here , represents the tiny fraction of the society that trust itself and make wonders happen. Steve wanted the boys to be hungry for their idea and foolish enough to take the chance. The chance of failure, the chance that could result in blunders, but he taught us to take chances. The risk makes a man worthy.

Take the risk boys! :D

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