Learn to deal with fear of failure!

Courage is knowing, what not to fear!!!

The keyword here is not courage, it’s the fear. Fear is a real thing and i am not going to tell you to scrap it off and just get up as if nothing happened. People tell you not to fear but most of them are unaware of how to handle it themselves.

Fear happens when you are thinking. Not thinking will never give you fear but when you think through, you will have fear.

Thats how fear works, and guess what , fear happens to everyone. Thats the basic human nature. Nothing wrong about it but not everyone can perform better under fear.

The world out there is crazy like really crazy. And it is unfortunate that the human race has to undergo the feeling of fear, but you can counter it with experience. The world is ruthless, the world doesn’t care about your failures, the world has no reason to listen to you if you have not done anything big in your life and no one gives a damn about your hardwork untill you deliver results.  People want success and you have to create it at any cost , otherwise you cant make it big.

How do you handle fear?

Before you learn how to handle fear learn what triggers your fear. For me it’s the thought of not doing anything and just survive. I have a constant fear that I need to do something otherwise all the wrong things will happen. This is my particular thing and i am sure there must be something makes you fearful. It could be anything. The thought of failing, the thought of losing someone , the thoughts where you are unable to achieve things that you wanted badly and something like that. To handle the fear, first thing is always to identify the fears.

Learning how to handle fears?

This one is a little hard and takes time to get perfection. Fear will strike you when you are vulnerable. Handling fear can sometimes take time. Handling fears is not a magical wand that will make your fears go away, but you will learn how to master them and not to be intimidated by them all the time.

  1. One thing that you need to do is to move. You don’t sit and expect the fears to go away. Ask yourself that is there anything you can do to curtail the fear ? If yes, do it. Don’t slouch or sit on the couch and wasting time by thinking that fear will do harm . Of course fear is dangerous but the moment you start moving is generally the time you start overcoming your fears.
  2. Keep your head high:  there is a high possibility that you keep you head down and the fears come to you. If you are keeping your head down, you cant conquer fear easily.
  3. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken: Trying to do the things that are not in your hands will make you feared. You can’t stop an earthquake, you can’t stop your death, you can’t stop world poverty and hunger. All this has to be done at a higher level and that’s not in your hand.

Handling fear is often countered by action. The actions you take are generally the most affordable option for any type of fear. If you really want to conquer move. Thats the easiest most thing you can do .

Happy startup journey!

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Written by Sushant

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