People will disappoint you, deal with it!

If you judge people, You will have no time to love them- Mother Teresa

With that being said, I am telling you a secret to live by, ” People will disappoint you , learn to deal with it”.

People will disappoint you and thats the thing that has always been like this. Millions of people before us were disappointed by the people of their era and millions after us will be disappointed by their people. This is a vicious circle. Some disappoint you, some are disappointed by you.

I am not concerned about others.  I am dedicating this blog post for you. I know, that you have been disappointed by people around you . I may take the liberty to even say that some people have betrayed you, on some level and thats fine.

If people start doing everything according to your wish, the life will stop existing. Thats not just a rhetoric, but a fact. The life exists because somewhere, someone is disappointing somebody and that changes everything!


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To quote Tedd Mosby from the legendary Sitcom, How I Met Your Mother,

But never forget that on any day, you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever. You see, the universe has a plan, kids, and that plan is always in motion – Ted Mosby , How I Met Your Mother!

Its awesome that life shocks you when with surprises you when you dont expect one. Same happens with disappointment. You will always be disappointed by the people around you. The reason is simple, people are human too. Stop getting emotional on every single “unexpected behavior” by people. People are not perfect. You dont have any right to overreact if the disappointment comes from someone who is imperfect.

See, if the people doing wrong to you are disappointing you, look beneath their behavior. Most of them are suffering from something or the other. No one is perfect and they are bound to make mistakes. Its upto you, how to handle the disappointment. You have no idea what battle a person is fighting. If you dont know the struggle , one is going through, least you can do is to be kind to them.

For example, if something goes wrong and your boss shouts on you, the logic is simple. Your boss doesnt know how to make things better. Your boss has no idea about how they can make things work. His life is already a mess and that mess is just being poured on you in the form of shouting. Do you just hate him for being imperfect? I guess, No! You dont hate people for being imperfect. Similarly, if someone is disappointing you, you cant and you should not let them derange your legendary life story.

People will disappoint you , not because you are imperfect, but because they have issues in their own life.

In the automobile Engineering classes, they teach the students,”

If their is some vibration in your machine, there must be some unbalanced forces acting on the machine. In order to stop the vibration, balance the forces- During a class in Engineering 101

The same rule applies to human life. If their is some vibration in your life, balance the forces acting on and off you. Vibration means, acting the way you are not supposed to act. Unbalanced forces means, the stress , the inability to trust yourself, the incompetence that comes due to lack of knowledge.

Most people around you are imperfect. All of them are fighting a battle you have no idea about. Someone is in financial crisis. Somebody is having health concerns, someone is suffering in their love life and what not. You cant possibly know everything that is happening with everyone. Thats not your job. Your job is to manage your machine. Your job is to manage your unbalanced forces and I guess that can only be possible when you stop taking disappointments literally.

Love unconditionally, forgive easily

If you dont forgive people easily, your unbalanced forces will act all the time and you will be on vibration mode.

People will disappoint you, learn to deal with it.

Be awesome!

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Written by Sushant

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