Do it , because it must be done!

When you do the things you like, you make wonders!

Somebody told me the other day that why the world needs people who can create things? I assume the question he wanted to ask was, Why Entreprenuership? 


Because , it must be done! 

Some one has to do it. Somebody has to execute the stuff they have in mind, otherwise the world will not be able to survive. We constantly need new things to make this world a better place, and that can only be done by people who show us the courage. 

The society has changed many folds in the recent years and none of that has happened for the betterment. Society has become more and more negative that simply says, It cant be done! Though it has been happening since ages, recent times , i.e. the Social Media times have seen a sharp rise in the same.  No body is going to do it for you, but you!

Starting a business is not a big deal. Starting a startup is not a big deal, but doing it properly is a big deal. Why people start business or a startup? Mostly because they want to earn money or because someone else did the same. Does it serve the purpose?

When you are doing something you love, you dont work for a moment. You do the work that you like and boom, you make wonders out of your regular work. Most people are misfit for their job or business. Not because they cant do anything big or are incompetent, but because they are not able to give their 100% to the business or job they are doing. 

Whats the solution for this?
Nothing! The solution is nothing. Because solution means something that you can solve. You can continue your work where you are unable to give 100% or switch right away. Switching always doesnt mean you have to take the hard decision at the moment, sometimes it means you have to make your mind. 

When you do the work you like, you are in synchronization with the universe. The sync makes others believe in you, and the results are always mind blowing.  Do what you love, make what you can, hope for the best!

Happy Startup Journey!

What do you think?

Written by Sushant

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