You wont trust but I want you to fail!

If you dont know Failure, you will never know success!-  Sugar Ray Leonard

No sugarcoating! Go out and fail. Thats the whole blog is all about. I want you to go out and fail. Fail , even if you have failed earlier. Try again for one more time and make sure that this time you fail better. 

I am not going to tell you that this will be easy. Its never easy to fail, but its important to fail. The way you fail tells a lot about you. Success is important but it has to come through a proper channel. The proper channel means, you have to be ready for the success. If you want an overnight success, I am not gonna say anything for you,  but if you are looking for a long term success, it has to come only after you have prepared yourself for the success. 

Success comes , and this is one of the sure things in your life. But there is one condition . The success never comes easy, and the hard part is to deal with the failures. Before talking about Success , let me talk about failures. Failures are an important and integral part of your life. Not only your life, but anyone’s life. The reason is, failures make you strong. Why the strength is necessary? To deal with the things that you can not predict. I am not going to talk about the financial issues, but there are 100s of things that can make you or break you during your success journey and in order to deal with them better, we need to fail. 

Can you succeed without failing?

Highly unlikely, however the chances are never Zero. There is another problem with the success that comes easy. This type of success is often temporary and you can not sustain it for long. I have seen startups and other businesses failing miserably which were once a huge sensation. One such example is Ask Me Bazaar. Ask Me Bazaar had a funding of about USD 300 Million and it had to shut the doors abruptly. Why? Because the people who founded the company did not know how to handle a crisis and this is very common in the present scenario.  

You can succeed without failing, but you can not sustain for long . If you want to be a success and remain a success, Go out and get failed!

Happy Startup Journey!

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Written by Sushant Sharma

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